Employee Benefits

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Employee Benefits (EB) are increasingly important in Asia where business environment is very competitive.  It includes Accident insurance, Group Medical insurance, Term Life insurance, Critical Illness insurance, hospitalization allowance and maternity. These benefits can be extended to the staff’s family.

There are a number of advantages to Employee Benefits for both employers and employees.

Advantages to Employers

• Promotes the recruitment and retention of better qualified staff.
• Lessens the company’s financial burden by providing high coverage cost-effectively.
• Boost productivity and efficiency amongst staff as they are guaranteed of a safety net for themselves and their loved ones.
• Premiums are deemed as corporate expense thus tax deductible, which means savings with quality coverage.

Advantages to Employees

• Able to focus at work, thereby enhancing productivity, knowing that they are well taken care of in case of any mishap.
• Additional protection for employees with personal life insurance.
• Stimulates staff’s self-worth and morale.
• Employees enjoy economies of scale with rates and benefits negotiated through their employer.